My 4 Canon 70D Lenses Recommendation

Cannon is Japanese multinational company that develops and manufactures products such as cameras, camcorders, faxes, photocopies, scanners, printers, images, delivery systems, and lenses.

Canon 70D Lenses

A very popular nowadays camera is Canon 70D capable of capturing the moment in the form of stunning photos and Full Hd movies, using the high-performance EOS 70D models with full-frame shooting at 7 frames per second, advanced 19-point Af system and Canons unique Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology.

Generally, without a quality lens, there are no quality photos. The Canon 70D need a quality lens for providing quality photos. Below we will list some of the better Canon lenses.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to choose some of them, because every type of lenses promises quality picture with manual focus.

  1. Oshiro 35 mm

This lens meets every criterion of Canon 70D. Provide full controlling and complete precision. One of the recognized characteristics is that can make smaller aberration.

According to many examinations, Oshiro 35 has the best marks.

  1. Canon 70-200mm

The right choice for the professional photographer. The main characteristic is that provide us taking photos faster during darkness. Produced with UD glass, this powerful glass improve the best sharpness.

As like previous, this also got in every preview high marks. The only disadvantage is that some of the users are unsatisfied with so high sharpness.

  1. Canon 17-22 mm

The right choice for amateurs and ideal for people who an interest in portraits. However, it is also universal. Globally, it promises using for a long-term, and unbelievable quality and sharpness. Without competition, this is a good product for personal taking photo and for a business purpose.

  1. Canon 50mm

This Canon 50mm is the right choice for daily and nightly use. Generally, users are satisfied with the price. If you decide to buy this product, you will get good quality at a good price.

Best Canon 70D lens

When you finally decide to buy some new lens, first you must check if completely satisfied the criteria of Canon 70D. On the other hand very important is to check if lenses consist of electro focus. The main fact also is focal lengths and finally light play main role. It is
important how much light is proven with the lens. Learn more by visiting

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