Features of the cheapest GoPro camera 2018

Over years, GoPro cameras have been renown for always having a combination of the best features and very affordable prices. However, out of all the GoPro cameras available, the GoPro Hero session camera comes out as the cheapest and comes with mind-blowing features at such an affordable price. Especially for individuals who are not looking for 4k cameras, then this would be the best option which would save you a lot with assured quality. Below is an in-depth breakdown of the impeccable features of the cheap GoPro camera.

The most amazing feature of this Go Pro camera is the fact that it can capture in 1080 full HD resolution and at 60 frames per second. In addition, it is also made to be shock and water-resistant, therefore, increasing its durability and allowing it to work in almost all conditions including wet ones without raising any worry. Saucing things up, its responsiveness is top notch thus allowing you swift access to both playback and settings.

Its battery life is relatively effective since it generally takes two hours of use per charge. Another splendid feature included in the GoPro camera is the very responsive voice control feature which is similar to that of Hero 5 despite the lowered price. This feature really creates the relief of having to find the shutter button especially in cases where it is mounted on the helmet or during an activity since you can start your filming by simply saying “GoPro start recording”. These are just but a few features of the impressive camera.

Cheap GoPro Cameras

At a price less than $200 and the very impressive features it holds, it is without a doubt that the GoPro camera still standouts to be the cheapest GoPro camera available in 2018. If you are looking forward to saving in buying a camera then this would be the best option that will serve you perfectly as you desire then look no further and find the GoPro Hero camera which will surely impress you.

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