Canon T6i Bundle Buying Guide

The Canon EOS Rebel T6i Camera is a very good DLSR Camera and a good choice for anyone with a knack for photography. However, when you buy a Canon EOS Rebel T6i camera Bundle, you don’t just get a Camera, you get a collection of other accessories tailored to make your experience more seamless. But be warned, these accessories are not free and all useful (Depending on your kind of Photography) and will add some cost to the complete camera’s bundle. So what should a Canon T6i Bundle include to make it worth buying?

Canon T6i bundle review

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Here are a couple of important accessories you should look out for:

1. Memory Card

A Memory Card is very important to make your photography experience seamless and less of a burden. It helps to be able to take a lot of shots and not be worried about space.

2. Tripod

Depending on the kind of photography you are engaged in, a Tripod may or may not be a necessity it all depends on your personal preference.

3. Battery Charger

I think it’s very obvious you need a good battery charger to keep your Camera’s batteries properly charged.

4. Screen Protector

A good accessory to get to make sure your screen isn’t at the risk of getting cracked

5. Camera Straps

Its commonplace to want to hang your Camera over your arm when it’s not actively in use as against holding it in your hand.

6. Cleaning Supplies

You need to keep your Camera clean, so a bundle coming with cleaning accessories is clearly not out of place

7. Extra Lenses

Canon T6i lensIt’s always good to have an additional lens for your Canon T6i to compliment the original one that comes with your Camera.

8. Camera Bag

A Camera Bag is very important for keeping your Camera when you are on the Go.

9. Wireless Shutter Remote Control

This is a very useful accessory for controlling the Camera’s Shuttle.

You may not see a Canon T6i bundle with all these accessories and even if you do, it’s likely it will be expensive. If you want to save money buying the Canon T6i camera and also get enough accessories, there are different ways to do that, you could buy a Used Canon (that’s in a good condition) and buy the accessories separately, there are very affordable Canon T6i Bundles on Amazon and eBay that come with good enough accessories, there are also site’s that allow you build your own bundle, making it less expensive for you. It all depends on what method you choose and what you need in a Camera.

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